Thursday, August 18, 2011

30 Day Song Challenge: A Song That Makes You Happy

Some blog I read recently posted a video of a guy singing along to his headphones on the subway. I’m gonna Evelyn Beatrice Hall this one and say that while I may not always appreciate the song choice/vocal volume/proximity to my head of subway singers, I will defend to the death their right to belt out whatever it is that’s making them okay with being carted in the dirty dark between stations, often standing, often tired. Outside New York City, the chances to sing on the top of your lungs come more frequently. Cars, in my mind, were built explicitly for this purpose. You can really murder a in the shower when your house is not divided from your neighbor’s by newspaper and seven coats of semi-gloss. But when the right song hits your headphones in public, the one that makes you just so thrilled to have ears in the first place, don't you ever feel like this guy? I respect this guy. I love this guy.

If music is a thing that makes you happy, it is a thing you often wish you could share. Living here you just can’t. So, my pick for a song that makes me happy is the one that gets me the closest to Mr. California Girl. It’s the one that makes me dance on curbs while I’m waiting for the light to change and the one I’ll stand up for on the subway just so I can do a subtle hustle. It’s Earth Wind and Fire’s “September.”

Tell me this doesn't make you ecstatic (and ever so seasick).


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