Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Put This in the Smithsonian Museum of Frenemies

Every once in a while someone says something in the media that is just so pitch perfect it's like a tuning fork of total honesty. Or, in this case, bitchery. Gawker linked to this article about the secret world of Michelle Obama's stylist minions and poses the theory that her 29-year-old assistant Meredith Koop is actually doing most of her clothing-picking-out these days. Koop wouldn't comment, Obama wouldn't comment, the White House wouldn't really comment, Michelle's old stylist wouldn't comment, and thus the reporter had to talk to people like Koop's hair stylist and an old sorority sister. And get a load of this shining, beautiful diamond of Kappa Deltassholery!

She was "a ton of fun" at parties and "never had the need to conform to the Vandy Southern girl persona," said Abby Doll, a footwear buyer and designer in Salt Lake City who was a Kappa Delta sorority sister of Koop at Vanderbilt. According to Doll, Koop was noticeable for her tall, thin build and her model-like good looks. "Pretty, but not conventionally pretty," Doll said. "Maybe not mainstream stylish - she had her own style."


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