Thursday, February 17, 2011

Here's What Rape Culture Looks Like

From the reader comments of the New York Post article Battle-tough beauty no ‘wimpy girly girl’

02/16/2011 3:55 PM
shes stupid not brave, next ime they could kill her instead of raping her. what if they go after her entire crew. shes selfish.

Kenyon Schraeder
02/16/2011 1:06 PM
There is something that just doesn't ring right with these alleged events in Egypt. I have no doubt that the woman was accosted or even assaulted while on the job but the intrigue and mystery surrounding whatever transpired seems to be growing, as if it's been partially manufactured. I hate to think that any of this might be self-serving in some way either to her or to her employer.

From the reader comments of the New York Post article CBS reporters’ Cairo nightmare

02/16/2011 10:04 AM

Is 60 Minutes nuts! Why send one of their female reporters into a situation that that. Come on now - nothing prejudicial about sending only male correspondents - just common sense!

02/16/2011 9:54 AM

a sexual assault is a terrible, violent crime. but a "60 Minutes" reporter requesting privacy???? in regard to privacy ( or lack thereof) ONLY, you reap what you sow

From the reader comments of the New York Daily News article Lara Logan, ’60 Minutes’ correspondent, suffers ‘sustained’ sex assault by Egypt mob: CBS News

6:04:16 PM
Feb 16, 2011

She better have 4 male witnesses

4:34 PM
Feb 15, 2011

don't mean to be insensitive, but does she not know this is how a mob operates??? bringing a pretty female into a lawless mob is like showing up at Charlie Sheen's carrying a ton of coke, thinking he won't snort it all!

4:41 PM
Feb 15, 2011

February sweeps... Anderson Cooper, ABC reporters and now a CBS reporter. If this is true, why did the CBS spokesman have to make this public?

5:08 PM
Feb 15, 2011

She should cover the Puerto Rican parade this year!!!

5:13 PM
Feb 15, 2011

You know that women are considered second class citizens in this part of the world, why send a blond hair blue eyed woman to this protest??????? Shame on her employers.

5:23 PM
Feb 15, 2011

kpett, I know and that's why fshanks is all upset. White men (and women) will be screaming from their roofs all week over this. And for what? She was not the only woman sexually assaulted in Cairo over the past two weeks. I feel sorry for Ms. Logan. But I guarantee when the back story of how she got her second husband and her sexual hijinks in Baghdad come out, a lot of people are going to change their minds about her.

5:50 PM
Feb 15, 2011

Is she a soldier? Is she a fire fighter? A police officer perhaps? No, she's a journalist, whom was stupid enough to go into an area where women are viewed more as objects than people. And I'm supposed to feel sympathy for this? she put her safety of her life in name of a job. Sorry, but I dont think there is anything brave about that. She definitely gets the award for Moron of the Year.

5:56 PM
Feb 15, 2011

Sexual Assault PLEASE! Today's reporters just want the spotlight! Don't believe what you read!!

6:03 PM
Feb 15, 2011

I'm sorry, but this is what happens when they try to send one of those blonde "news bunnies" into a dangerous environment... Serious news correspondents went out with Walter Cronkite... Now, any college cheerleader with nice legs is suddenly considered a "journalist".... We all agree, they're nice to look at in the studio, especially the hot legs contest going on with those brainless chicks at Fox News.... But as fr the serious reporting? Leave that to the real journalists...

6:21 PM
Feb 15, 2011

Assault on anyone is unacceptable let alone sexual assault. Having said all that, I don't like when reporters put themselves in the middle of the story in order to advance their career. When there is a popular revolt you don't move ahead of the crowd. There are ways to cover the story without being part of the story. By the way, didn't Lara Logan had an affair with the CNN Reporter Michael Ware?

6:43 PM
Feb 15, 2011

definition of sexual assault means fondling and grabbing/groping...this happens all the time in NYC on buses, trains, parades etc...THIS IS NOT RAPE....NEWS SENSATIONALISM AT ITS BEST...

6:49 PM
Feb 15, 2011

This is what happens when a Liberal Network hires yet another cute blond who thinks she's "all bad", rather than a deserving guy who supports a family or himself - "Yea" Affirmative Action!

6:51 PM
Feb 15, 2011

Aw, the Poor Media Babe, she fall down, go boom!

7:50 PM
Feb 15, 2011

Isn't this the same Lara Logan who last year was accussed of sleeping around with two fellow male CBS News employees while overseas, in Beriut or Israel? Didn't she cause one of those men to lose his wife and children over this affair? Is this Karma or what?

glad to be here
8:51 PM
Feb 15, 2011

It's sad that this woman was assaulted. That being said, this woman made a decision to be a mother. She belongs in the relative safety of her home, caring for her child. Roaming around in a third world country where savages run free, one leaves themselves vulnerable to such horrible attacks.

12:01 AM
Feb 16, 2011

Isn't this lady the adulterer who got pregnant by her camerman?

5:15 AM
Feb 16, 2011

She just needed to learn her place. I'm sure if she ever goes back there she'll be much more humble, dress conservatively, and not get all mouthy when she addresses a man.

5:30 AM
Feb 16, 2011

She wanted a mans job and she got it. So now it's time for her to shake it off and start acting like a big girl.

5:52 AM
Feb 16, 2011

She covered up the lies of Bush and his gang to go to war and she finally was made to pay for that. She is also a lousy reporter and probably got what was coming to her.

Black 'n Proud
7:20 AM
Feb 16, 2011

If you put a hot chick like this in a rough place, she's gonna get banged. It's unfortunate, but it's going to happen. Such is life.

8:37 AM
Feb 16, 2011

She wanted more. She must have fallen in love with her captors.. ."Just a week before, the Emmy-winning war reporter survived a harrowing night of being held - blindfolded and forced into a "stress position" - by Egyptian security forces." smh.

andwho are u?
9:19 AM
Feb 16, 2011

there is a old saying.."u stick your finger in a light socket..u going to get shocked!!" meaning..u travel to a foreign land that had a custom of putting down women and u know that u SHOULD dress a certain way but u dont and then something happens, now WHO fault is that...its YOURS!! iam so sick of these fem-bots screaming that its war on women and it wasnt her fault..when ever is it? Women have to take resposabilty and STOP THINKING that u are untouchable JUST CAUSE u are a woman.

11:17 AM
Feb 16, 2011

Please don't hype this thing up to be more than what it was, a case of @ss pinching and unwanted touching.

2:28 PM
Feb 16, 2011

Hmmmmm...she suffers a "sustained" sexual assult BUT gets on a plane back to Washington DC THE SAME DAY - Checks in and OUT of Hospital - THE SAME DAY and reportedly is scheduled to be back to work this week-end (for 60 minutes TV ratings you think?)


Blogger Kathy said...

There are also an equal number of straight-up racist, bigoted, disgusting comments about Egyptians (and all Muslims).

3:02 PM  
Anonymous Kathy said...

Also, this remains a wonderful post:

3:24 PM  
Blogger Elise / broom people said...

Oh, wow. And I'm sure this is a just a choice selection of prejudice and bigotry? I don't know anything about this lady but I do know that her previous history, sexual and otherwise, has nothing to do with her assault. She didn't "invite" it, no matter what so many people are insinuating. And "relative safety of her home" vs. "savages running wild"?

I also find it disconcerting how the article you linked to repeatedly mentions her good-looks as though she's overcome some sort of all-beautiful-women-must-be-idiotic convention and succeeded at making herself a "proper" journalist. Gross.

12:55 AM  

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