Tuesday, July 06, 2010


Oh my god, this heat, this heat! I am as aware how boring it is to bring up the torture chamber that is July as I am vaguely aware of all stimuli. When it is 100 actual degrees in my house I can only manage the murkiest of thoughts and my responses, where possible, come directly from the lizard brain. I am hot, the fridge is cold, I am sticking my head in the freezer. It is hot, this page is open, I am writing about the weather.

To those with air conditioning, the heat is like an old boyfriend you pass on the street. You guys feel the brief, sweaty simmering and yes, you return to your houses red-faced and anecdote-armed. Those of us without A.C, though, we are endlessly waking up during that point in a one night stand where you're sweltering under a blanket and a heavy, sweaty arm and leg and there's no escape. Kick off the sheet. Slither out from under the limbs. He's still there, hot breath exhaling on your shoulder no matter which way you turn.

It's fucking hot.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ugh, yes. I have no AC either, just a couple ceiling fans and a lone box fan. Are they helping? No, not really. Proof of this is that its 1 frickin am and I can't sleep, and the words I am writing for my novel are as torpid as my limbs.

Ugh. Rain. Someone shake a rattle and call for rain already!

12:09 AM  
Anonymous Smashley said...

I feel you. I just moved in and my roommates keep dropping little hints about how the landlord said once that he has some A/C window units if we want them....YES! WE WANT THEM!...but nothing has happened and I'm beginning to think the whole idea is just a hoax meant to make me sweatier.

Love the comparison to an ex/one night stand. :)

6:10 PM  

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