Monday, November 10, 2008

All I've Got Left to Say About the Election

Since nearly a week has gone by since the election and I’m just now getting around to saying anything about it, the poetic/melodramatic/patriotic/emotional/political creek ‘round these here internet parts has pretty much run dry. And yet, because I write for basically masturbatory reasons, I’m still gonna chime in these $.02:

1. Prop 8 is garbage. Get it together, California.

2. I get off the C/E at Spring Street every morning, and I use the far exit that dumps you out on Vandam. There are three turnstiles. This should be plenty for the approximately 30 people ever exiting that end of the train, but every day—every single day—someone refuses to wait and slams through the emergency exit and sets off a violent alarm that’s enough to provoke you to homicide when you’re A) tired, B) on your way to work and C) ascending stairs that invariably smell like bum piss. (And I do mean bum, like, tin-can-bean-eating rummy bum.) Yet every day I get off the train and think, “Maybe it’s today. Maybe today is the Day of No Assholes,” and sometimes I get to the top of the stairs with a certain amount of faith in the general patience and goodness of my fellow commuters intact. Then BAM, alarm, someone couldn’t wait three seconds and, extrapolating to a larger sample population of humanity as a whole, Anne Frank was wrong and people are basically dirtbags who piss me off.

Anyway, this has a point. The Day of No Assholes? November 5, 2008. Thank you, President-elect Barack Obama. That is change.


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