Thursday, July 31, 2008

Awesome Levels of Awesomeness

It is so hot. It is so hot I want to punctuate that sentence with that annoying bloggy way of putting periods after every word because that's how I'd say it out loud if it wasn't too fucking hot and disgusting to take four breaths in such rapid succession. It is so humid my sheets last night felt like I'd pulled them out of the dryer too early, but since I haven't washed them in a repulsively long time I know that not to be the case. It is so hot my glasses fog not only entering air-conditioned buildings, but just walking around. It is so muggy my hair stays in a sweaty mess of curly ponytail when I remove the elastic. In short: I look awesome right now, so quick, let me run into someone from high school.

Cool, thanks Union Square foot traffic!


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