Saturday, June 28, 2008


So, I'm going to Germany? In like, an hour and a half? Yeah. I'm not going to have a computer or a phone until I get back on Wednesday, so if you need to tell me anything or hear my melodic voice or royally chew me out or make declarations of love, you've got ninety minutes.

I think everyone I know has had a fucked up week, and I know that my last eighteen hours have been a particular shitshow. Jes and I almost fought two awful jerks, and then we had to rescue a girl who had some near Silence of the Lambs stuff go down, and there was an abundance of other boring, cliche bullshit of varying degree from varying dudes not even worth rehashing. Life was kind of a pile of garbage. I'm trying to think positively about getting off the continent for a few days, but really all I want to do is go downstairs, turn off all the lights, and wait out the weirdness like I'm in a bomb shelter.


Blogger Jessie said...

Dude! The last 18 hours HAVE been a shit show! I got into a screaming fight last night with an insane cab driver who among other things blatantly, purposely, ran a red light, acknowledged it, threatened not to let us out of the cab to get a different cab, and threw himself across the hood of the next vehicle to prevent it from leaving with us in it, and then called the cops ON US... but left before they got there. There were other things, too. But mostly the cabbie thing. I think something's in the air.

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