Thursday, May 29, 2008

Recent Dreams or Really Exciting Anecdotes?

Last week there was a hornet flying around my basement and Brad, true to life, was terrified and angry at the same time and all but drowned the thing in bug killer. The bug didn't fall, though. It just slowed it down until it was hanging in mid-air and Brad could grab it by its two wings like he was plucking a fuzzball off a sweater. Then we noticed it was carrying something in its little hornet arms, which turned out to be an excruciatingly tiny mouse. Brad threw the mouse in the trash. I woke up before I found out what he planned to do with the hornet.

Last night I was in my "house" alone, which is apt because I was in my house alone. This house had several extra floors and a sliding glass door in the basement that opened out onto a big patio surrounded by trees and lawn and plants potted in giant terra cotta urns. I kept hearing noises around the house and going to investigate them, but nothing proved fruitful until I peeped through the glass door and found a huge lion running through the backyard. It stretched out along the patio and took a nap, effectively trapping me inside the house. The front door was similarly blocked by a zebra, some kind of gorilla thing and a rhino.

"Hm," I remember thinking, "the power must've gone out at the zoo."


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