Tuesday, April 08, 2008

You And I Fall Together / You And I Sleep Alone

Well, here we are again. It's the middle of the night and I'm so awake it hurts, in my neck and in my bones, and in my eyeballs, and in my jittery legs, and in my lip that I keep biting for no reason, and acutely in my cuticles because it's after midnight and I no longer have the willpower to keep from picking off my nailpolish.

I could punch any and all members of The Replacements right now for writing songs that only get more significant the later it gets. Listen to "Kiss Me on the Bus" at one in the afternoon and it's cute, but listen to it nine or ten times after midnight and it's visceral and you are old and life is crap. But great crap, painfully wonderful crap that only makes being awake and in an empty room more intolerable. And let's not even get into "Left of the Dial." Fuck that song! Fuck that pretty song that has the gall to say growing old and I'll try to find you and the station started to fade, which are the three of most loaded and depressing phrases I can think of at the moment.

What is it about insomnia that makes me so melancholy? Is everyone like this when they can't sleep--a big knot of butterflies and inexplicably weepy urges and a trigger-happy repeat finger? I guess not sleeping is, biochemically speaking, enough to tax your emotions, but then there's that whole part about being alone and awake when everyone else is not just not here, but unconscious entirely. I don't just have my room to myself, I've got the entire state of consciousness to walk around in sans company.

Sing it again, Paul Westerberg, you fucker.


Blogger Tripp said...

Surprised you did not quote or reference "Here Comes A Regular" (the most intense -- in a beautiful/melancholy sense -- song on the album to me).

Flip from "Tim" to "Pleased to Meet Me" and you may have more insomniac luck... unless, of course, you play "Skyway" or "Nightclub Jitters."

The Replacements were an absolute staple of my radio show for 8 years, thanks to my poet sister.

7:29 PM  

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