Thursday, March 20, 2008

Lucky Thirteen

I've been thinking a lot about being thirteen lately, but I always think a lot about being thirteen, and have since I was thirteen, and am not entirely sure when I will get over feeling like I'm thirteen, but whatever, it's kind of a great way to feel.

My horoscope this month (seriously, everyone should read their monthly forecast from Susan Miller...she's scary good) and for the last several months has said my planets are aligned in some sort of rare formation that hasn't happened since 1996. When I was thirteen/fourteen. In eighth and ninth grade. Even though I usually look at my life through a pair of teenage goggles, I'm now astrologically allowed to be a child until Pluto moves out of Aries, or Venus breaks up with Gemini and has an illegitimate asteroid with Mercury, or whatever the fuck.

But here's the thing. Today I was sitting at my desk, at the kind of job I could've imagined myself to have when I was in eighth grade. I have a few tattoos (including Hole lyrics, for Christ's sake) and cute shoes and I was wearing jeans, which is exactly the kind of outfit eighth grade me would've hoped adult me would get to wear to work every day. I still wear glasses. Eighth grade me approves. And the fucking kicker is that I'm listening to an album that I have not listened to since 1996, which, while kind of terrible but so perfectly nostalgic, was loaned to me by a cute boy who is so the kind of boy that eighth grade me would've puked over. Not that he doesn't make me want to puke now. But seriously, when was the last time I had this CD in my bag? Eighth grade.

Whenever something exciting happens to me, I feel like it's happening in front of a a studio audience of previous, younger mes all oohing on cue. Maybe I'd be able to graduate my mental middle school if 13 (who's sitting next to 9, a few seats down from 11 and 17, whispering to 15 and 19) would shut her big fat mouth whenever I get a paycheck, or order a drink, or a boy's leg touches my leg.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

write more often! You're so funny!!

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