Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Very Good Art

The decorative theme of my office is basically a sophisticated and droll take on the Beatles' white album, except instead of white it's gray, and instead of an album it's flat wall paint, and instead of the Beatles there's an undulating carpet pattern ripped from the interior of an 1987 Volkswagen Cabriolet.

My cube, being the pen in which I work and feed five days a week, is decorated with a number of my personal belongings. I realize that my taste does not generally run toward the stylish Impressionist print end of the spectrum, so I've tried to keep my weirdess under the threshold at which Human Resources has to give me some kind of a lecture.

Here's what I look at every day:
A phrenology chart
My favorite poem (25 by Ferlinghetti, from A Coney Island of the Mind)
Two William Eggleston photos (christmas lights, creepy house)
Torn envelope full of cancelled stamps from Mexico
Three Picasso blue period postcards from an exhibit I saw in 1997
Sightly JonBenet-ish ballerina portrait sent in a book proposal to my last job.
Mass card with photo of the pieta
Twin paintings with bees that Brad made me
That Bastien-Lepage painting of Joan of Arc that everyone knows
Print of Tiffany window
Print of Picasso "Old Guitarist"
Black and white photo dated June 6, 1940 of my grandfather next to a Wrigley's gum sign.
Justice and Wheel of Fortune jumbo tarot cards

It's sort of like a carnival sideshow up in here. I bring this up because someone at work was talking about how she keeps meaning to bring in stuff to decorate her cube but never remembers to actually do it. Being the thoughtful co-worker that I am, I helpfully printed her the following Very Good Art to put up:


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ha ha! love the last one especially!

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