Tuesday, January 02, 2007


New Year's Resolutions 2007
1. Lose weight, exercise more.
2. Get promotion at work.
3. Find love of life.
4. Travel more.
5. Take time to smell the roses.

New Year's Resolutions 1007
1. Loseth mine girth by shedding babe from mine quickened belly.
2. Switcheth to mead light to maintaine girlish charme.
3. On God's thumbs, two baths this annum! Allow thyself pleasure of good goose-fat and lye soap.
4. Convince Lord and Master to barter fur cloak from invading Barbarians. I deservest one nice thing aroundeth here.
5. At long last, undertake voyage of mine reverie: venerate Christ's foreskin before Michaelmas!

New Year's Resolutions 3007
1. Move into bigger MySpace.
2. See Cher's head in concert. Hear it's her final tour!
3. Rent pod on nuclear tundra, learn to ski.
4. Upgrade iMate? Wait for HottiePac 3.1.7, re-eval.
5. Make fat clone drop 20 Richies.


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funny girl

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