Tuesday, December 05, 2006

A Love Poem

[On the occasion of today's NYC health department decision.]

Upon a many midnight dreary
As I wandered weak and weary,
Stumbling from the subway on toward bed,
Forgetting cal’ries, I’d think “So, what?”
And I’d stop to get a donut
Frosted brilliant pink and sprinkl-ed.

Or better yet, on tired evenings
When from the office I was leaving
And returning to an empty Frigidaire,
I could stop and get some moo shu,
Crab rangoon and deep fried tofu,
And extra pork lo mein for me to share.

My dearest trans fats have been banished
And I’m destined to sleep famished,
Or worse yet, filled with flax and mesclun greens.
You can’t love a heart of romaine,
But, despite the risk of ptomaine,
My soul stirs at the name “Crunchwrap Supreme.”

I’ll eat veggies and drink juice and
Remember French fry bags translucent—
Gone like Krispy Kremes after the crack down.
A valentine is usually pink,
And roses are red, but I think
The color of true love is golden brown.

(P.S. Happy 400th post to me.)


Anonymous nicole said...

isn't new york one of the skinniest states already? if the government wants people to be healthy and enacts laws in order to acheive this why don't they start in texas or o-h...i-o? because apparently we are big.

9:33 AM  

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