Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Post-Halloween Personals Are the Very Best

-To the Pirate that I was kissing in Capitale?
-mulcahy's halloween party-cute bumble bee looking 4 adorable navy boy
-Chelsey, Gretel is looking for you!
-tall blonde in red pirate costume....shiver me timbers!!!!
-Ghost Buster Gals in the Parade
-bansheee at the flavor pill party
-Alex from Clockwork Orange Looking for Alex(a)
-Boozed "cop" walking up 2nd av from cock/urge
-after the parade - 17th st/8th ave -guy in just briefs/glitter
-Skeleton Mike - High Street, A/C train, Halloween
-i was the asian bunny
-Seeking Dracula
-Robin, the boy got some legs and...!
-To the MERMAID with the FISH STUCK to her ASS
-To whoever was dressed up as Woodstock from Peanuts and got tackled on 7th and 28th
-You: Mia Wallace hair, Saw III bag, weird brown thing on stick


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