Monday, March 13, 2006

Spring in my Step

It's only the beginning of March, so a lifetime living in New York dictates that there's at least one more monster snowstorm in the works, but right now all of the windows are open and you could fool me into thinking it's spring. Even in the landlocked (buildinglocked?) living room, where the only window looks out on my bedroom, there's air coming in that's cool, but in the kind of way that's an exhalation after a long, warm day.

If I'm going to be wordy about it.

Which I am because it's after work and I'm in my pajamas. It's nice to sit around and take advantage of the opportunity to write whole sentences out in the open. Having to minimize your window every time you hear footsteps walking past your cube isn't the best way to get the narrative ball rolling.

It feels like spring tonight, and even though I've been out of school for two years now I still feel like something is coming to an end. My year has never run from January to January; beginnings come in September and endings come in June, and two months of hot hiatus seperate the alphas from omegas. Even now when all I've got in the way of vacation time is two weeks and five fakeable sick days, the first signs of spring make me feel like the end is near and I had better start doling out the real estate in my yearbook.

I wonder if that ever changes for those of us who went back to one of those typical public schools in the fall, tried not to fidget through the winter, and ran away from the bees that flew in those giant aluminum windows in the spring when summer was on the way. Now that I don't even have a window during the day (summer just means taking the subway when it smells badder), I would think the first signs of spring should be about as exciting as tearing another day off my "Places to See Before You Die" calendar. Not true. A little sun during the day, and the tiniest, mulchiest breeze and I'm crawling out of my skin waiting for summer vacation, I mean Summer Vacation, three months of SUMMER VACATION. Which actually isn't coming. Summer hours are a small consolation, but this free sample of spring has got me all in a knot.

Who wants to make out?


Blogger DMo said...

At least you get summer hours. Allegedly, my boss in act of true diplomacy mentioned the idea to our CEO once. His response... "I could arrange it so you always have Fridays off. And every other day."

1:10 PM  
Anonymous thespindleshay said...

what a difference a day makes, huh? is it snowing in ny yet?

the absolute WORST WORST part about growing up is no more summer vacation. eek.

gardening has had to replace my summer vacation.

3:35 PM  
Blogger Locket said...

DMo said...
At least you get summer hours.

... and at least you get to live in New York.

To your antipodean friend it seems half a world away.

Uh, actually... it is half a world away.

11:22 PM  

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