Wednesday, February 08, 2006

IMing the Grammys

Me: chris martin looks like shit
Me: and sounds like poop!
Kai: i know
Me: and probably smells bad too.
Kai: his clothes are bad i mean he has money he can dress himselfg
Me: get a fucking haircut.
Me: it just makes his tiny head look even tinier
Kai: and get a new dance
Me: i think he's a good looking guy, but he's just making me feel stupid now

Me: when did john legend get so big?
Kai: tonight
Me: i don't think i've ever heard more than the words "ordinaaaary peeeeople" of the song "ordinary people."
Kai: i watched the video once on mute
Me: racist

Me: i think this song is what goes on in an old man's head when he thinks dirty thoughts
Kai: and he drives an old big car with red cushioned seats
Me: "hey little lady, we're just ordinary people...why dontcha get in my car? let's take a drive down by the water. make some beautiful music. mmmmmm."

Kai: not country
Me: jesus is ruining this country
Kai: her jewelry is a bunch of shiny shit tied together in clumps
Me: hey. wwjd? wear clumps and play twangy rock.
Kai: yeeehaw


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