Wednesday, February 08, 2006

IMing the Grammys, Pt. 4

Me: more country.
Me: awesome.
Kai: i cant watch this anymore
Me: what set you off about keith urban?
Me: you just went a little nuts. you sat through sugarlands or whatever...
Kai: this song makes me want to break something
Kai: the whole exchanging of the cat and sweater i hate it
Me: that's because you're selfish.

Me: chris brown makes me uncomfortable, because they clearly made this kid famous right in the middle of his awkward phase.
Kai: what does he even sing
Me: i'm not sure. but i bet it's awkward.
Kai: he looks like he is trying to hide his privates
Me: aww. first boner!

Kai: if its a collaboration there should be a grammy for each party
Me: and neither party should be linkin park.

During the Sly and the Family Stone Tribute:

Kai: sly is crazy
Me: and osteoporitic.
Kai: this is painful to watch
Kai: someone give him calcium

When Sly left the stage mid-song:

Me: did sly just leave....?
Kai: yeah he had enough
Me: this is awkward.
Kai: he was like well theres enough of you out here so im gonna step out
Me: ...i got some groceries in the car...the ice cream's melting...ssooooo...see ya later.
Kai: maybe he senses his mohawk was about to be unglued
Me: maybe he just realized someone had glued a mohawk to his head.
Kai: sly and the brittle bones
Me: sly and the family hunched!


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