Wednesday, February 08, 2006

IMing the Grammys, Pt. 3

Me: they have to stop giving paul mccartney awards for what he did FORTY YEARS AGO
Me: paul got two songs.
Me: kelly clarkson sold more records this year than he has in the last five, and she got two minutes.
Me: he's sounding more and more like randy newman
Me: which is, like, a fate out of a stephen king movie
Me: he looks like a muppet!
Me: behind the piano
Kai: maybe he is
Me: whoa, and his drummer looks like a professional wrestler
Me: is he trying to get the under 13 demographic?

Me: fergie looks like what would happen if gepetto made a blow-up doll.
Kai: fergie is great
Me: fergie's something
Me: ...

Me: i love that the word "faith" is stretched in glitter across mariah's rack.
Me: amen. now, i believe.
Kai: wow shes actually covered
Me: i'm a little disappointed.
Kai: maybe she got on medication
Kai: oh shit i bet she will rip part of that dress off
Me: oooh you're right.
Me: that's the drag queen law.
Me: she HAS to obey it.
Me: but maybe not...this is all jesusy
Kai: jesus ruins everything

Me: whoa! terry hatcher's a SLUT!
Me: jesus can't save her!
Kai: jesus cant cover her up


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