Monday, January 16, 2006

MLK? A-Ok!

I'm writing from my parent's house, where I am thinking about eating cheesecake for breakfast.

This, I think, is what Dr. King intended.

An urgent laundry situation and the desire to feel like I'd gone someplace beyond 14th street on my long weekend brought Brad and me up to Yorktown last night. We somehow managed to fit in all that Yorktown nightlife has to offer; eating dinner at my parents house, driving five towns over to see the only watchable movie in two zipcodes, and then doing a dinner reprise at the crazy diner. In lieu of real entertainment, sometimes a Mediterranean Grilled Fajita Wrap (with Potato Wedges, Pickle and Puddle of Cole Slaw) can serve as a high-calorie distraction from "THE MALL IS CLOSED!" anxiety.

So now it's the morning of my day off. Since I am now relegated to the couch when I stay here, I was awake at eight this morning because that was when my family got going at full volume. Now that they're all gone to take my brother back to U-Conn, minus my youngest brother who is still asleep, I feel a little bit like I'm faking sick in middle school. Daytime TV, uncontested access to everything in the fridge, and staying on the couch in my pajamas.

I too had a dream, and it looked a lot like this.


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