Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Look! It's the Look Book!

Sitting in Starbucks this afternoon with my caramel frappucino light (yeah, after work and two cups of black coffee I turn into that girl) I noticed a guy walk up to the register who seemed particularly familiar. It might have been the top hat that tipped me off, or the gold loafers, or the evening coat with Michael Jackson style fake military medals attached, or the look of utter superiority, but I instantly recognized the guy ordering a brownie as the dude from last week's New York magazine Look Book.

I passed him again on the way to the subway. He'd set down his tiny silver boombox in a puddle of spilled latte outside Balthazar, the trendiest and most expensive cafe on the block. It was playing. The other people on the bench were seriously pissed.

That's the thing about New York; the freak in Starbuck's is a minor magazine celeb, and he's also saving the world from the kind of people who can afford a seven dollar cup of coffee.


Anonymous the spindleshay said...

need my common bonds fix, kathy - get busy woman!

11:04 AM  

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