Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Es Muy Caliente

According to the Village Voice's "Neighborhoods" column, my neighborhood boasts "a booming Mexican community." They go on to call it a "quintessential melting pot" where "you'll catch glimpses of the odd kielbasa purveyor or halal butcher between omnipresent Spanish signage."

See, when I read that before I moved in, I thought they meant "omnipresent" in the sense of "next to the regular old English signage." Then I found myself having a particularly Sesame Street, sound-it-out! moment in front of container of self-serve rolls and bagels at the grocery store last night, muttering "No tocar...don't touch?....con los manos...with your...DON'T TOUCH WITH YOUR HANDS!" at the handwritten sign taped to the front. The Village Voice, my friends, is not to be read lightly.

Whatever, for just over a hundred dollars Brad and I were able to stock our kitchen to brimming with everything our heart desired, much in the way of Goya rice mixes, a tiny container of Abuelita hot chocolate mix, and my favorite brand of instant noodles whose label was conveniently translated from Korean to Spanish. Fuck music; small cartoon chickens and cows are truly the universal language.

We walked home four blocks with our heavy bags to find Eunice, the elderly super, and her friend once again sitting in their lawn chairs on the sidewalk. Last night they set up shop on the stoop specifically to watch a police helicopter circle overhead, searchlights sweeping the area for something or someone doing something shady.

As we unpacked our bags to the sounds of the BQE buzzing outside the window and the chopper searching out some possibly armed, probably dangerous suspect, or at the very least a traffic disruption, all I could think was that the door was chained, the buzzer's broken anyway, and goddamn, living on my own is nice.

This morning, walking to work, I saw a woman wearing a tank top that read "Single and Fabulous" in gold writing. I had trouble making out exactly what it said because the letters were stretched over her hugely pregnant stomach.

My neighborhood effin' rocks.


Anonymous mombi said...

oy vey, hope they caught the escaped convict!

3:44 PM  

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