Monday, August 08, 2005

Happy Trails to You / Until We Meet Again

I know that my blogging has fallen off in frequency in recent weeks, and I blamed summer, and laziness, and I believe at one point I also blamed it on some kind of weird Peter Pan complex related to blackouts. Now, at least, I have an actual excuse.

Ladies and gents and everything in betweens, I'm a-goin' on vacation. Tonight Brad and I depart Yorktown Heights for a cosmpolitan five day jaunt in Cape Cod. We'll be jet-setting it--taking the private plane to Nantucket for the afternoon, hobnobbing with the cream of the social crop, taking tea on the veranda, snubbing the "new money."

I mean, seriously, Mitzi, who do they think they are? They think they can trashify an establishment like Pirate's Cove Adventure Mini Golf with their Louis Vuitton bags and think I'll abide it? I've been putt-putting here since before they built the Blackbeard's Revenge course!

Maybe I'm exaggerating slightly. My family used to go to Cape Cod for one week every summer until I started looking at colleges, and every single year we rented the same little cottage from an old retired fireman who used to work with my dad. Herbie's house is located about a half mile from the beach in Harwichport, Massachusetts, and also in 1962. The interior of the house hasn't changed for as long as I've been going there and I love every bit of it, from the decorative shell sculptures to the embroidered mushroom artwork on the walls of my bedroom. When I was seven, everything at Herbie's house was mystifying and exciting. Rice in the salt shaker? How weird! What a gas! I love vacation!

I haven't been there in something like eight or nine years, though, and I'm thrilled to go back. However, being that the house is located in 1962, it's got little to offer in the way of wireless internet. I'm bringing my laptop with me and I intend on keeping track of my week, so I'll bring the blogging pain when I get back. Nary an open fly, touristy fanny pack, or crab-shaped hat will escape my hawklike eye.

So until Sunday I wish you all the best of weeks and I'll eat a mussel for each and every one of you. Everytime I suck a bivalve from its shell, I'll think of you.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'll give you fish
I'll give you candy
I'll give you
everything I have in my hand.

Give me back my man!!!

3:14 PM  

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