Friday, July 08, 2005


For Friday, some minimally arty pictures of my (every) day:

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My car. Zero to sixty in, oh, say, an hour and a half.

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Bowling Baglady, c'est moi.

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Swingline, baby. That's how we do.

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I was hoping to get a picture of that strange bottle of water that often appears in the bathroom, but it wasn't there today. It was a half-day Friday after all, and I'm willing to bet the water bottle weirdo is in the Hamptons like the rest of the office.

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See? Arty.

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Home again, only this time I'm accompanied by my good friend Tropical Storm Cindy.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh yes. quite arty. and lovely and pleasant to look upon. i am fond of bowling baglady and tropical storm cindy in particular.

~ms. texas

10:42 AM  

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