Friday, March 18, 2005

Take A Picture, It'll LAST LONGER

Scenes from Tony's Coffee Shop:

Iiiii'm so vaaaaain / 'Specially cause this blog's all abooout meee
My name is Kathy. I have just ordered a mushroom burger. I can hypnotize the camera with my eyes.

Brad my favorite.  Brad best good.
Brad succumbs.

Vinegar + Hard-Boiled Egg = Nausea for All!
The even more hypnotic power of salad remnants mesmerizes my minions.

Scenes from Times Square:

No, really, I'm a model.
I squinch.

Let's play Spot-the-Oberlin in the background.
You squinch.

Is that book 'Everybody Poops' looking for new illustrations?
We all squinch.

Stories from the City, Stories by Kathy
Squinching complete, I go home--squinchers in tow.

Scenes from Iron Chef Yorktown: You Got Served

Major style points were awarded for the llama pin.
Andrea, Iron Chef Milwaukee.

Major style points were awarded for the chin halo.
Brad, Iron Chef Cleveland.

The Tartful Dodger.  HEYOOOO.
Tart a la Yorktown. And the dessert she made!

Scenes from the most unsuccessful dying of Easter eggs in human history:

And then Jesus hatched from his pink glitter egg and lived happily ever after.  And that, my children, is the story of Easter.
This egg may be ugly, but at least it's also sticky.

Scenes from Tuna Melt and Oil Change Day:

I think this shade of yellow is called 'offensive.'
Andrea and me in our manicure outfits. No manicures were actually received during the wearing of these clothes.

Scenes from yesterday:

Its shirt says 'Kiss Me, I'm Irish.' It's nice to see the pitbull fully embracing the long struggle of its people.
I met up with Brad and Andrea yesterday after work. While we were waiting on the corner for Andrea's friend Lauren to find us, a man with a lame tribal tattoo and this dog dressed in a festive St. Patrick's Day t-shirt emerged from the bank behind us. The man undid his dog's leash and, with a snap of his fingers, it took a running leap for the top of a mailbox--and slid onto the other side. Another two goes left the dog perched on top.

The man then walked around the corner. The dog waited for a few moments, began to look concerned, hopped off the mailbox and tore down the street after him.

They both returned a moment later. Again, the dog was coerced into leaping onto the mailbox. By this point there was a small crowd of people surrounding the dog and its owner. While people snapped pictures with the dog ("LOOK HONEY, in New York you can MAIL YOUR DOG! What a city!"), the man chatted up a lady chihuahua owner on the corner who seemed charmed by the whole performance.

I can only imagine what goes on in that man's head.

Well Rover, I thought the wicked awesome tat would get me up to my knees in poon, but no luck. We need a new plan, boy, a new plan...lemme think, here. Okay, so chicks wanna get married. Marriages take place in churches. Some churches are old. Old churches have gargoyles on them. That's it! I'll teach you to perch like a gargoyle on top of a mailbox, and the babes'll totally fuckin' eat it up! SWEET.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's nothin. One time when I was in New Mexico I saw mouse sitting on top of the head of a cat that was standing on a dog's back while the dog walked around. I will never forgive myself for not taking any pictures.

1:46 PM  
Anonymous Andrea said...

For The Record: It was Brad that started the dance-off. It was me that finished it. HEYOOOO.

10:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Brad, my dad says he wants his tie back.

2:47 PM  
Blogger What'sHerFace said...


None of that. I am the center of this universe. Anyone who breaks this rule will receive the wettest of willies.

2:57 PM  
Blogger What'sHerFace said...

That said, I like that tie.

2:57 PM  

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