Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Stop Right There! I Gotta Know Right Now.

Displaying a heretofore abandonded inclination toward social interaction, I went out for some drinks last night. Even though the call of the suburban wild (and the threat of a fifth parking ticket) beckoned me northward at ten and I had to miss the karaoke portion of the evening, it did actually feel good just to be out. Not to mention the great boon it was to my state of mind to hear my sixth-grade-geography-teaching friend's horror stories. I guess no matter how tongue-swallowingly boring my job can be, I can find solace in the fact I'm not a public school teacher in "Little Haiti," Miami.

I can also find comfort at the expense of another friend, who told me last night about his newest (bad) roommate's new (terrible) pet. My friend was introduced to the critter by his (bad, bad, bad) roommate's (univited, perennially present) girlfriend, who alerted him to this newest addition to their small apartment by yelling, from the couch: HIS NAME'S PINCHY!

Yes, folks, it's a scorpion. Again, no matter how brain-liquifyingly terrible my job is, at least I don't live with a potentially deadly animal.

One of my co-workers just pulled one of those "Hey, I'm kind of a bigot" moves. The co-worker sent someone in the publishing industry an e-mail that included pleasantries inquiring after her Hanukkah. The co-worker came to my cube right after sending the message seeking confirmation that the recipient is indeed probably a Jew, because, after all, she does have a last name of ambiguous origin which obviously rules out any affiliation with Christianity. There are something like forty moronic assumptions behind my co-worker's action, most significantly thinking her last name is necessarily an indicator of her faith, and, even if she is Jewish, that she necessarily celebrates Hanukkah. You know, Hanukkah? Ethnic Christmas? Yeah.

Welcome back to the internet, Brad. And hello Brad's mombi. See ya'll soon.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

buckley's hot and he should fly to america to buy you a beer.

5:08 PM  

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