Tuesday, November 16, 2004


How am I so at the mercy of my co-worker/secret-love-interest's wardrobe? All he did was wear a black shirt, and I almost peed my ergonomically-designed chair.

Now back to your No-Boss Tuesday ROCK BLOCK. In the next commercial-free hour of music we've got Radio 4, Mirah, and the Moving Units comin' atcha, and when you hear Motorhead's "Overkill" call in for a chance to win tickets to...well, I might give you a swipe on my MetroCard.

While doing some research on MySpace.com for a JUNK thing I want to write (read: taking advantage of the only opportunity I will ever have in my life to e-mail attractive guys who actively pursue a sensitive, emotionally-vulnerable exterior, because they are in emo bands on Long Island), I spent some time looking through Oberlin friend's friends and pictures of people I haven't seen since last year. I clicked on the wrong thing on a picture of somebody and hit a screen that said "You must be someone's friend to comment."

If ever anyone has accidentally stumbled on the universal law to peaceful human co-existance, I believe it was me.

My mom spent the night at the hospital, but I hear the surgery went well and she should be returning home today stitched back to health. My father was at the hospital pretty late last night, so I took Chris out to dinner and bought him duck. What kid eats duck? He's so cool. Kai called me mid-meal to see what was going on, and I told her to meet us at "the crazy diner." I neglect to realize, on most occasions, how stupidly we've christened most of the places we go. So I was most definitely that girl, yelling into her phone in the middle of dinner, surrounded by very polite waiters and the owner of the place, saying "Yeah, meet us at the crazy diner! Yeah! No, the crazy one!"

I wish I had something fun to do tonight, because my outfit is extraordinarly well-coordinated and I think I deserve some public appreciation for my effort. I gotta come up with something fanstastic, some great, great plan for not watching Jeopardy and then falling asleep during Wheel of Fortune.

I wish people still used ratfink as an insult.


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