Saturday, November 06, 2004

Shake. That. Thing.

If life were orchestrated by TV Guide--as opposed to the divine being of your choosing--Brad would be living The O.C. At least, his life for the past couple days. He's had more excitement in the last, say, four hours than I have had since puberty. Prior to that, an empty cardboard box was pretty exciting, so I don't think that counts. Also, I've never actually seen The O.C., but I figured using a Dawson's Creek reference here would reveal how completely uncool I am, so I did the ol' switcheroo. Topical humor, my old foe, you've won again.

Today was a day of strange wish fulfillment, I suppose. After an hour's worth of drinking Starbucks and wishing boys would rain from the sky, a cute little feller chased Kai all the way to her car to return the credit card she didn't know she'd dropped. I, on the other hand, wished for Sean Paul to be on the radio and found him on K-104 simultaneously. I think I need to dream bigger.

The Danbury Starbucks did afford me the chance to drink some chai without the threat of the impromptu high-school-ex-friend parade I constantly brave in Yorktown. It also gave me the chance to yell at and do a strange dance for a woman who looked disapprovingly at my (granted, I know they're a little shiny to be sophisticated) boots from her SUV.

I think I have developed a devastating crush on someone within the past four days. If anyone is curious, apparently all you have to do to win my heart is wear a really well-fitting sweater over the same button-down you've worn for the last six consecutive days. It seems I'll be putty in your hands.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

kick the suv ladies in the 'lips' with the shiny boots. it works, i tell you. starbucks seems to be a magical place for attractive people in the wonderful state of new york, if the hottest man in a suit ever imagined from the nyc starbucks is any indication. the arabicas of ohio, however, are breeding grounds for people with bone-chilling throat-clearing capablities and four fingers on three hands. meanwhile, you should hear the new donnas cd. it's excellent. also, this one time my friend kathy pooped in the neighbor's yard and then lied about it.

1:52 PM  

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