Friday, November 19, 2004

I just read that in February, Christo and his wife are going to drape 23 miles of pedestrian walkways in Central Park with saffron-colored cloth. I am very, very excited about this.

I'm looking for cover images for this book that's going into production soon, but since all of our books are basically about the same thing, I only ever search some combination of the words health, computer, office, and technology. So, I see the same images every time I have to do this. There's one illustrator who has lots of cool stuff, but everything he has on is accompanied by this strongly worded restriction stating it's not allowed to be used in relation to headache medicine in the United States. I'm sure there's some very boring explanation for the warning, but of course I've imagined all sorts of elaborate scenarios wherein he lives a tortured early childhood with his abusive, alcholic father, until his mother pulls him out of bed in the middle of one rainy night and throws him in their car and they drive until she can barely keep her eyes open, so they stop at a seedy motel and spend the night, and early the next morning when he wakes her because he's really hungry and a little scared, she's still so tired that she just sends him out with a few dollars to get breakfast at the diner next door, where a waitress gives him free bacon and chocolate milk with his pancakes because he's such a sad-looking little guy, but this tough old broad with a heart of gold knows she's gotten to this kid because she watches as he walks back to the motel room with a renewed bounce in his six-year-old step, his faith growing in the promise of this new life without Dad, but when he gets to his room the door is slightly ajar, and his mom is motionless on the bed, and as he begins to understand that something is amiss, he sees it in her hand. The half-empty bottle of Bayer.

You know, either that, or, like, he works for Tylenol.


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