Monday, October 11, 2004

Stuff and Nonsense

I just found Lullaby by Chuck Palahniuk at Barnes and Noble for four-ninety-eight. That's a deal, even if I can't morally shop there because the fiction buyer called urban African-American fiction "vile." Five dollars for tomorrow's train reading!

No boss tomorrow, no boss tomorrow, dooby dooby doo, I ain't got no boss tomorrow. My dissertation on the Killers is complete and will be posted from work, as my responsibilities for tommorrow are completely encompassed by the following list:

1. Mail seven letters
2. Eat lunch
3. Make a list

I even figured out Natalie. They think they're so tricky. Brandon Flowers, you fucker, you can't fool me. Also, I love you.

Today I thought I was a genius because I finished the New York Times crossword (in PEN) in about seven minutes. Then I remembered it was Monday, so I'm not very smart at all. Then I also remembered that I was commuting like a sucker while everyone else had Columbus Day off, thereby proving I am a moron.

I wore my Burberry scarf today (although I just typed "toady," and then thought about what it would be like to have a Burberry scarf toadie, and wondered if he could carry Febreze around with him to keep my scarf from smelling like the subway, and also pictured him wearing a newsboy cap) and wished I could carry around a sign that said "A COMMITTEE OF PEOPLE BOUGHT ME THIS FUCKING SCARF, YOU DICKS, NOW STOP TREATING ME NICER BECAUSE I'M WEARING IT."


Blogger Yours Truly said...

Fourninetyeight, granted (and yes, sorry for commenting on the back catalogue) but a terrible, terrible book.
Where does Master CP get the idea that cutting and pasting all the research he cribs from google into his "manuscript" constitutes writing?

4:13 PM  

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