Sunday, October 10, 2004

Skunk's Misery

Today was not, as originally thought, installment two in my two-woman tour of the greatest hits of the Hudson Valley's abandonded mental health institutions. Instead, Kai and I drove way the hell up in Duchess county, promptly finding ourselves completely lost the minute we crossed the Putnam County border. When we try to lose ourselves and find creepy places around the monastary, there's no getting it done. We always end up right back on Route 6. Three and a half feet into Duchess county? We have no idea where we are.

We did, however, see some excellent abandoned houses.
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If it's a total shithole, I love it.

Excellent points of today: new legwarmers from target, munchkins (the doughnut, not the oppressed fictional people), cornfields, Skunk's Misery Road (I swear to the LORD I did not make that one up), Sinpatch Road ("Don't you ever let a boy touch your sinpatch until you're married!"), Sybil Ludington, an interesting tarot card reading.

Poor to very poor points of today: tommorrow.

I think Kai may be the reincarnated spirit of Sybil Ludington. Revolutionary War diva for whom the bustling metropolis of Ludingtonville, NY is named, she apparently rode a long-ass way on horseback to let local troops know the British were approaching. Paul Revere, only with tits. Her route became what is now Route 6, which Kai finds herself inexplicably drawn to when she has nothing better to do (and occasionally when she does). There is nothing she would rather do, some days, then drive what we discovered was Sybil's exact route. My point? There is a very scary statue of her where she looks like she's going to eat a small child. Kai actually eats small children. Coincidence?

I think tomorrow I'm going to work on my Grand Unified Theory of The Killers' Hot Fuss from the office. It'll totally blow your mind. And it's infinitely, INFINITELY better than looking at even one more picture of a tumor treated by radiofrequency ablation.


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