Monday, October 11, 2004

Secret Aaaaygent Girl

Writing from work until someone notices, or I have something to do. I've recently discovered the divine decibel level at which I can play music on my computer without anyone noticing. I'm listening to the Radio 4 album I found yesterday at a Best Buy, which I also found yesterday, and dancing eversoslightly in my seat. It's like being a secret agent of fun.

I should take a picture of my cubicle. Although, pretty much, it's square and gray, and I doubt anyone out there could be picturing it incorrectly. Are you picturing my personal pair of scissors and stapler, though? Those are a mark of STATUS, lemme tell you.

Portobello mushrooms over spinach for lunch for seven dollars. So good. So broke.

There's a rumor that I might actually get a paycheck on Thursday. How is it possible that I can fill out paperwork for a corporation that just underwent a weird merger and complete change of location, whose buisness headquarters is in HEIDELBERG, and get paid in a week, yet at a fine institute of higher learning like Oberlin it took almost a month to get a paycheck?

I'm in a gray cubicle, and someone is eating Cup O'Noodles. There is nothing more depressing in the world than the smell of Cup O'Noodles in an office.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

the smell of diarrhea running down the leg of an 80 year old woman next to you who doesn't even know she shit herself might be a little more depressing. or maybe just revolting. abominable, even.

8:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"anonymous" is of course "brad."

8:45 PM  

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