Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Produkplanungs und Managementsystem

4:45 - when I woke up this morning.
5:30 - when I left my house and drove to the train station. Saw four deer, and a skunk, which, may I point out, is a nocturnal animal.
6:24 - when I caught the train.
7:19 - when I arrived at Grand Central.
7:45 - when I arrived in my office and found that none of the lights were even turned on yet.
8:00 - when I went to the computer training session.
8:15 - when I would've gotten to work had I taken my regular train.
8:37 - when actual training started, thereby making my obscenely early commute completely unnecessary.
approx. 10:07 - when I recieved my first German error message for the not-quite-translated "Produkplanungs" system. It involved the word "ungebung," which makes it all almost worthwhile.
12:00 - we break for lunch.
12:30 - we return from lunch.
12:33 - I fall asleep a little.
2:02 - training ends, I resume my zombie-like state on another floor, and pretend to work while actually typing this.

I have pictures to post from home of the train station, and my cube, and also of my head. And my super-slick credentials with my picture. I also may attempt to transcribe the message Kai left me yesterday--a nearly four-minute epic about cleaning up an old woman's volcanic...well, let's call it an "eruption." I think it ends with "I hope you don't get this while you're eating lunch...or like...a brownie or something."

I wish my name was Sabine.


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