Sunday, October 24, 2004

On a Monday...I am Dubbed

Last night was the Chinatown-Karaoke-Extravaganza with Raha and some other CPC folk. Excellent night all around, but the most unexpected occurrence was the one-and-a-half year old kid who ended up our drinking buddy.

Winnie's is a small, family run place. One of the many daughters of the couple who own the bar showed up at around midnight last night with her baby in tow. Emily, as we soon learned she was named, can't speak yet; however, she knows the karaoke joint like the back of her very small and sticky hand. The kid would hold the mic for people doing their numbers, applaud wildly when they finished, and put the mic back in the stand. She would find one of the song books and flip through pointing to different titles, and (the BEST) would demand you clink your beer against her bottle full of milk before you or she drank. She also demonstrated frightening proficiency with my cell phone. Her mom had no problem with her just joining our table and sitting on all of our laps. We managed to keep her entertained drawing with one of the bar's little golf pencils on some pages I tore out of my note book, and when she got bored with that I let her smash my phone against the table for a while.

It was great to see Raha, Sarah and Sadie again; CPC reunions are much better when it's only people I completely approve of. Raha came with a friend, who also came with some friends, and I enjoyed all of them. Where can you go wrong with a chick (legally) named Antigone, a girl who's the lead singer in a Depeche Mode and sometimes Duran Duran cover band, and a cute hipster named Eric who can fit his entire cellphone in his mouth?

1. Ry Russo-Young is on the cover of the New York Times Magazine.
2. Ashlee Simpson fucked up royally on Saturday Night Live last night; they accidentally played the on a Monday...I am waiting vocal track, which she was supposed to lip sync, while her band played the standing in the SHADOOWWWS song. She got confused, did a little dance, and then just walked offstage. Her band, which immediately recognized the wrong vocal track and switched songs, played for a little while and then they cut to commercial. Good TV.


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