Wednesday, October 20, 2004

It's Nearly Nine, Which Is My Bedtime

Update on the Halloween costume front: old-timey waitress. That's the verdict.

Today I edited the preface of a book that's coming out in a few months. Not that anyone will be running to snap up their copy of this fascinating tome, but it was the first real Editorial-with-a-capital-E thing I've gotten to do. I technically did it by accident. My editor handed me a rough copy of the preface and asked me to read it over and let me know what I thought of it. Years of creative writing workshops have made me unable to read something double-spaced without marking it up; this turned out for the best, though, because after reading it over, my editor said I could just type up my changes, e-mail them to the author, and then send it over to production. It's hard to believe they farm out work like that to freelancers, spending shitloads of money to have someone else edit what the EDITor and EDITorial assistant seem to think is too difficult.

There's a blonde guy I see on the 6 every morning. He's very attractive in a he-looks-like-he-might-eat-oatmeal-for-breakfast kind of way. The surprising thing, though, is that he's reading "A Gentle Path Through the Twelve Steps" every morning. Is he outing himself as an alcoholic? Or is he a social work student at NYU? Either way, it takes balls to read your 12-step manual on the subway, with everyone watching you admit you're powerless and accept a higher power.

I saw Jeffrey Wright from Angels in America in Grand Central this morning. He was wearing a fabulous jacket.


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